The Nextep Project

NeXTeP aims to democratize the use of cryptocurrency in the real world, by developing a payment device that will allow merchants, all over the world, to accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

Our aim is to eliminate the difficulties faced by merchants regarding payments via cryptocurrency, by offering them new possibilities via a payment device that will automatically support all possible conversions, from cryptocurrency to fiat currency, fiat to cryptocurrency etc.
All this in a few seconds and at a lower cost.



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White Paper

The WHITE PAPER originally used in politics to define the implementation of strategies, is a collection of factual information about the project.

The WHITE PAPER has become a kind of tradition for every cryptocurrency, and it is usually published before a project is launched.

The BITCOIN for example, which is the first of the cryptocurrencies, was unveiled with it’s WHITE PAPER.

We are honored to present our WHITE PAPER.

Smart Contract

Contract address : 0xf10770649b0b8f62bb5e87ad0da7729888a7f5c3

Token Name : NEXTEP

Symbol : NEXTEP

Token number : 100 000 000 000

Audit: Pdf Audit

Innovative Solution

Payment device

A modern and innovative crypto that will offer, in the very near future, a payment device that can automatically perform conversion between crypto and fiat, in all possible configurations, and all this in total transparency for merchants.

A system more advantageous for merchants, without changing their habits.

Fast & Secure

Instant exchange

Instant Payment

Total Supply 100 000 000 000 Tokens

Total Supply 100 000 000 000 Tokens


Road Map

Discover the different stages of our project.

2022 Q1
  • Creation of the website
  • Official Twitter account creation
  • Creation of the Youtube channel
  • Creation of the Nextep Token
  • Audit
  • KYC
  • Presale on PinkSale
  • Listing PancakeSwap
  • Listing CoinMarketCap
  • Listing CoinGecko
2022 Q2
  • 1000 Holders
  • International Marketing Development and Sponsors
  • Partnership Development
2022 Q3
  • 2000 Holders
  • New internetional partnerships
  • Preparing the app with our partner
2022 Q4
  • 5000 Holders
  • Nextep Blockchain creation
  • Payment prototype launching
  • Redistribution of the pot
  • Preparing of road map 2023
  • Nextep application launch (Community tchat, Voting function, Real time Nextep price, Nextep news in preview)
  • Surprise Event
During 2023
  • 10,000 Holders
  • Development of Partnerships
  • Distribution to merchants of payment terminal prototype
Meet Our Team

Nextep Crypto Team

Our team combines passion, expertise, transparency and trust to carry out this revolutionary project.


Partnership development & Marketing


Network Development & Community


Partnership Management & Communication


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